You have to expect things of yourself before you can do them.


An important part in endurance training is mental training. Since everyone has to deal at one point with self-doubt: did I train enough, am I prepared and skilled for this challenge.. In order to prepare yourself well you have to be prepared to deal with these thoughts and emotions. Since they are a essential part of the training, preparation and during the challenge.

In endurance races, the mental attitude of a runner is of a major importance,the mental attitude before the race (confidence in oneself) and during the race (keeping a positive mental attitude). I have to anticipate that I will enjoy the race, that I did my training as good as possible and that I am going to perform well. I need to have the feeling that I am in control, and will be able to handle any situation that arises. This is an attitude and it is a choice. It is a choice to have an attitude that is predominately positive. Choosing and maintaining a positive mental attitude during the preparation and during the race phase is of uttermost importance. Stop unhelpful thoughts and only focus on what I can do. Which is: keeping a high level of self-motivation. I motivate myself by using positive self-talk, positive mental imagery and going trough repetitive motivating thoughts.

You have to trust in yourself You must believe in yourself You have to follow your heart You overcome improve endure.

Kick You when You’re Down – Machine Head

Besides being focused on feeling confident and on keeping a positive mental attitude, it is also important to manage anxiety and emotions, keeping yourself concentrated and composed. Anxiety and emotions tend to be irrational, still they do negatively influence attitude and concentration and so my performance. It helps to know that the situation is scheduled in advance and has a defined beginning and an end.

The circumstances and the constraints are known in advance and the final outcome is influenced by good preparation, skillful behavior and keeping the right mindset. Its’ all in your head.

Because it’s all in your head It’s in your head Sad but it’s true It’s inside you.

All In Your Head – Machine Head